“Mix” postpaid tariff plan

From April 6th 2021 to February 28th 2022 only join “Mix” tariff plan and get minutes to Artsakh and to RA, on-net SMSs and mobile internet volume.

Name GB volume On-net SMSs Minutes to Artsakh and RA Validity period Tariff plan price, AMD
"Mix 1900" 5 100 150 Till the end of the current month 1,900
"Mix 2900" 10 200 700 Till the end of the current month 2,900
"Mix 4900"



300 1000 Till the end of the current month 4,900
  • Current offer is available for postpaid subscribers only.
  • The tariff plan will be available until the end of the current month. 
  • The minutes included in the package will expire only after consuming the provided free 180 minutes.
  • The SMSs included in the package will expire only after consuming the provided free 50 SMSs.
  • The amount of mobile internet included in the package will be expired only after consuming the 1 GB provided free of charge.
  • After consuming the provided minutes, AMD 16 will be charged for 1 minute.
  • After consuming the provided SMSs, AMD 8 will be charged for 1 SMS.
  • After consuming the provided volume, AMD 15 will be charged for 1 MB.
  • For bundle activation customer has to visit SC with identity document.  
  • For changing tariff plan subscribers have to visit SC.
  • Subscriber can activate the bundle simultaneously with 180 min + 50 SMS and 1 GB  bundle provided for free or after depletion of the the mentioned bundle.
  • After expiring all mobile data volume, a subscriber can activate Giga 6 or Giga 15. If he activates before expiring the “Smart” volume fully the priority will be given to those bundles the volume of which is less.
  • Once the validity expires, the following will take place: all unused minutes and volume will be reset to zero.
  • The offer will be automatically renewed each month.
  • If the subscriber activates the tariff plan during the month (e.g. on 20th of April), the amount will be charged for the used days.
  • In case of activating the tariff plan, the subscriber will not pay a monthly fee.
  • In case of buying a new number, the subscriber must activate one of the tariff plans. And in case the existing subscriber activates the "Mix" tariff plan, the subscriber cannot refuse to return to the current postpaid system. All existing postpaid subscribers will switch to the tariff plan by the end of the year, thanks to KT marketing campaign and awereness activities.
  • To check the balance, the subscriber needs to call 111.
  • If the subscriber doesn't pay bill for the current month (eg. April), his number will be disconnected for outgoing calls on the 18th of the next month (eg. May 18th), and on the first day of the upcoming month (eg. June 1) it will be terminated. 
  • The subscriber can activate a tariff plan once in a month.
  • The tariff plan is available for individual subscribers only.
  • The tariff plans can’t be used while roaming.

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