Roaming in Armenia and abroad

The roaming service allows our subscribers to easily use Karabakh Telecom mobile lines worldwide wherever Karabakh Telecom has signed international roaming agreements.

How to make a call to a number in the Country where you are roaming?

Remember, when you are roaming in an international country your mobile line is integrated into that international country's mobile operator's network. Accordingly, when you need to make a call to any local number whether a fixed or a mobile number, you have to dial the city code or trunk code or the network code of your selected destination, followed by the desired phone number as if you are making a local call.

How to make a call to another country while you are in roaming status?

All you have to do is to directly dial the country code followed by the related area code or mobile network code and then the desired phone number.

How to connect to Karabakh Telecom roaming service in Armenia or other international countries?

If you have international access on your mobile line.

Then please visit any Karabakh Telecom service centre to fill out our "Roaming Service Activation" form. The subscriber should pay a deposit of 35,000 AMD.  

Roaming activation to Armenia is free.

In Armenia there are three telecommunication operators – VivaCell-MTS, Ucom and VEON Armenia.

Effective July 1st, 2020 whilst roaming in Armenia the rates are AMD 28/minute and AMD 15/SMS in RA all networks (VivaCell-MTS, Ucom, VEON Armenia).

  • To activate the roaming service or to choose an operator go to the settings of your mobile or smart phone, choose "Mobile Networks" and select the required network manually by pressing the corresponding button.

For other countries roaming rates please call 111 for additional information.

How to make and receive calls while roaming?

When you arrive at your international destination, your mobile handset will automatically search for the strongest network available. In case your mobile handset does not select an available network, then you can select the available network manually by choosing it from the Network Menu in your mobile handset.

Note, that the credit limit is not applied while roaming.

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